M*CH*MORE One Name Study


Most of the people in the M*CH*MORE source data have been fitted into one of the reconstructed family trees or subtrees. The remaining have been grouped geographically to make it easier to search for links. An additional group is dedicated to people with a M*ch*more middle name whose descent from a M*CH*MORE family as not yet been traced. To browse one of these "unlinked trees", click on its title.


Southern South Hams

Tree 150. Charleton
Tree 151. Chivelstone & Chivelstone Ford
Tree 152. East Allington
Tree 153. Kingsbridge & Dodbrooke parishes
Tree 154. Kingsbridge registration district
Tree 155. Sherford
Tree 156. Slapton
Tree 157. South Pool
Tree 158. Stokenham
Tree 159. Woodleigh

Eastern South Hams

Tree 250. Ashprington
Tree 251. Berry Pomeroy
Tree 252. Cornworthy
Tree 253. Darmouth
Tree 254. Diptford
Tree 255. Dittisham
Tree 256. Halwell
Tree 257. Harberton
Tree 258. Stoke Fleming
Tree 259. Stoke Gabriel
Tree 260. Totnes parish
Tree 261. Totnes registration district

Northern South Hams

Tree 350. Ashburton
Tree 351. Buckfastleigh
Tree 352. Dartington
Tree 353. Dean Prior
Tree 354. Littlehempston
Tree 355. Staverton
Tree 356. Ugborough

Eastern South Hams

Tree 451. Bigbury
Tree 452. Kingston
Tree 453. Loddiswell
Tree 454. Malborough
Tree 455. Modbury
Tree 456. South Huish
Tree 457. South Milton
Tree 458. Thurlestone
Tree 459. West Alvington

Other Devon

Tree 501. William (Plympton St Maurice 173x)
Tree 502. John (Plymouth 177x)
Tree 503. John (Plymouth 178x)


Tree 600. Thomas (Quethiock 154x)
Tree 601. George (St Stephens by Saltash 162x)

Other England

Tree 700. MUCKAMOREs (Kent 165x)


Tree 801. William (Indiana 186x)

M*ch*more middle names

                           Tree 900. Devon
                           Tree 901. Cornwall
                           Tree 902. Other England
                           Tree 903. Australia & New Zealand
                           Tree 904. North America


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